Rainier Neighborhood Disaster Communication Hubs


This page describes the Rainier Neighborhood Disaster Communication Hubs for the City of Rainier.   Our vision is that these Communication Hubs would be used by volunteer neighborhood groups organized around the "Map Your Neighborhood" concept.   To learn more about "Map Your Neighborhood", watch for announcements of classes offered by Thurston County Emergency Management or the City of Rainier.  

What Are Disaster Hubs?

We've divided Rainier into proposed neighborhood "hub" zones with assigned radio channels (see map below).   Rainier residents can communicate by radio with nearby neighbors in their zone in event of a disaster.

When Hubs Would Be Used?

During a time of disaster (natural or man-made) when there is:

Why Hubs Would Be Used?

How Hubs Work

Neighbors use low-cost "blister pack" radios (sold at Walmart, Amazon, etc.) to communicate reliably in their neighborhoods using their neighborhood's assigned channel.   These radios can be either unlicensed FRS or more powerful licensed GMRS radio models.

What's Next

We need volunteers interested in organizing their neighborhood hub.   Designated persons from each neighborhood hub would receive training on how to relay disaster-related messages via radio.   Established neighborhood hubs would be invited to participate in exercises and the Rainier EOC Radio Net (via a relay station).

Map of Neighborhood Communication Hub Channels

Download our Rainier Neighborhood Disaster Communication Hubs Flyer.

Rainier Neighborhood Disaster Communication Hubs are the neighborhood layer of a multi-layered approach at communications in a disaster scenario.   For more information on how these groups integrate into our area's disaster communications planning, see the City of Rainier section of the East Thurston County Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ETC ARES) Disaster Communications Plan (file "ETC_ARES_Disaster_Comm_Plan.pdf").  

FRS Radio Recommendation

One radio that we can recommend for our neighbors is the Cobra CXT1045R-FLT-CAMO FRS/GMRS radio.   The key features that make this recommended radio a good choice for disaster communications are:  

Similar radios are available on the market in our local area stores.   If you have a radio with these key features, you'll be ready to communicate reliably via radio with your neighbors during a disaster event.   If you want to learn more about FRS/GMRS, check out this link.